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012. MIX

Comment & Credit
A bit of everything. If you have doubts about who is who or what, just ask.



Haha yes :_) good old Jarvis.
I used to use that jarvis one above, well I have been using most of the above for some time :)
IAWTC. ♥♥♥
these icons are splendid (to use a word i don't use often enough)
found you thru the philosophicons jrnal, will definitely add you
you should post these more places! big icon communities like 1cons. i love these, they're so unique! taking a few, will credit. :)
thank you for the comment :D
i am a big fan of your icons!
hello! you are fantastic! i am taking the budgie for when i do not need for my mikeyway icon. thanks a bundle :)